Electric Motor Repair

APEX has mastered efficiency when it comes to electric motor repair in Illinois.  Our experienced staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to provide you with the maximum response time needed to keep you up and running.  Repair capabilities include both AC and DC Motors and all major brands.

Electric Motor Inspection Services By Experienced Technician


  • Preliminary Inspection
  • Documented Meg/Scope Testing 
  • Written repair & replacement cost quotes
  • Superior rewinding technique including Class N Insulation with 2 year warranty
  • Top quality replacement of bearings & seals with 1 year warranty
  • Core Testing
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Assembly of equipment back to meet or exceed OEM Specifications


Preventative Maintenance Products


The AEGIS Advantage

Protect Electric Motor Bearings with Shaft Grounding Rings
Electro Static Technology’s AEGIS®? Shaft Grounding Rings are used in millions of motors across the globe to prevent bearing damage and failure.
Electric motors run by variable frequency drives, or VFDs, are at risk of shaft voltage that can lead to premature bearing failure. Learn how the unique design of our AEGIS® Rings free you from the frustration and expense of unnecessary downtime caused by electrical bearing damage.


Simalube Automatic Lubricators
One of the common causes of motor failures is the insufficient lubrication of bearings.
  • Reduction in servicing and maintenance: no more MANUAL lubrication
  • No under or over lubrication: Continuous and Precise lubrication
  • Sealed, dustproof and waterproof system
  • Environmentally sustainable, 100% recyclable
  • Available in five sizes:15, 30, 60, 125 and 250ml
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We know that equipment breakdowns can happen outside of normal business hours. 
Our 24/7 emergency services are the best in the Industry!