Variable Frequency Drives

Whether your application is utilizing an AC motor or a DC motor it is imperative that you choose the right drive to interface your controller to the motor.  


The AC Motor drive provides the power conversion, amplicfication and sequencing of the wave form signals to your AC Motor. They utilize either single or three phase inputs and are usually mounted on a chassis, panel rack or wall.  Some drives have manual controls while others use a digital control panel or computer interface. They primary purpose is to control the motor speed and torque with the precision and responsiveness needed to accomplish the most demanding applications. 






The DC Motor dirve also provides the power conversion, amplification and sequencing of the wave form signals to your DC Motor.  It is imperative that they match the control signal and the signal type, whether analog or digital.  One of the more important things to consider when ordering your DC drive would be the environmental or operating temperature of your application.    
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