Lubricants & Adhesives


Industrial lubricants are important to help reduce equipment operating costs by reducing friction, binding, wear and eliminating moisture from getting into your equipment. They are found in the forms of oils, fluids, greases and other compounds that can be in a solid, film or fluid substance. Some special characteristics can include biodegradable, low foaming, fire resistant or oxidation inhibiting.


Industrial adhesives come in a variety of compounds and are used to bond two items together.  They can be found in either natural or synthetic sources and are extremely strong and increasingly important in industrial applications.   Epoxy adhesives are extremely strong and resistance to chemical and environmental damage and can be found in many electrical conductors and structural bonding applications.  Hot melt adhesives can be softened and hardened during the assembly of your application and cooled for a solid adhesive.  They can be used in electrical power products, semiconductors, automation and aerospace applications. Acrylic adhesives are not only fast-setting but also environmentally resistant.  They are available in both emulsion and solvent based versions and can be found in many construction applications.  Cyanpacrylate adhesives also known as super glues have high strength and excellent adhesion to plastics.  They can be found in the form of a gel, liquid or paste.  
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