Unit Handling Conveyors are conveyors that transport large units such as packages or pallets. Various types include bucket conveyors, belt conveyors, air transfer tables, chute conveyors and roller conveyors.  The application is widely used in warehousing and distribution centers.


Bulk Material Conveyors carry not units but actual material.  This material can include coal, powder, grain or other bulk media.  Various types include chute conveyors, drag conveyoers, slat conveyors, belt conveyors and bucket conveyors.  The application is used in both manufacturing and agricultural industries.


Conveyor belts consist of a contiuous loop of material that is rotated by two or more pulleys.  The belts are constructed by one or more layers of material depending on the application.  The under layer of material provides the linear strength and shape and an over layer(cover)which is usually constructed of rubber or plastic compounds.  Conveyor belts are used in material handling applications such as factory or bulk handling material or to transport industrial and agricultural material such as grain, ore and coal.  Special tip when purchasing these belts would be to know the dimensions including belt thickness, length and width along with operating speed, operating temperature and minimum pulley size.


Conveyor components can include buckets, chains, drives, gates, rollers, screws, seals and idlers. They may be purchased to modify or improve current conveyor applications or to build new conveyor systems.  Apex has accessability to all of these various components. Special tip when inquiring would be to know the conveyor type, maximum load and the environment that the conveyer will be performing in. 
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