Simalube Automatic Lubricators

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Roller bearings which are not lubricated sufficiently or wrongly, drop out long before they have reached their expected product life.  Take the guess work out by ordering a Simalube Automatic Lubricator!  It takes only seconds to fix it to the lubricating point and immediately dispenses the lubricant automatically and evenly in the lubrication point. 


A range of lubricants approved for Simalube include modern and approved high-performance
lubricants, especially modified for the requirements of oil and grease lubricators. 

Some Include:

· General multi-purpose industrial grease

· High Performance Grease with MoS2(moly)

· High Temperature grease

· High Temperature Chain Oil

· Electric Motor Bearing Grease

· High Pressure Grease



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The Simalube Automatic Lubricator is an affordable solution

that is efficient, reliable and refillable


simalube IMPULSE connect



 Bluetooth capable single-point automatic lubrication unit

The simalube IMPULSE connect is the latest in the simalube family. It is the latest generation of the IMPULSE line  with more focus on lubrication conditioning monitoring (LCM). The proven functions of the IMPULSE have been supplemented with the option of connecting our unit to a smart device via Bluetooth. In connection with the newly
developed "simatec world of maintenance" app, devices can be easily configured and monitored remotely.
Lubrication conditions such as:
• general status, fill level
• lubricant, lubricator size
• start/end date, change date
are displayed in a user friendly platform.

Your advantages

  • Communication via Bluetooth®
  • Configuration and monitoring with the «simatec world of maintenance» app
  • 10 bar pressure
  • Universally configurable
  • Reusable

Customer benefit

  • Cost savings through faster, easier and safer inspection rounds
  • Easy to use: status and error displays can be easily read on the smartphone
  • Management of lubrication points in Lubechart
  • Digital support through the app: user guidance in the form of animated installation and operating instructions
  • Less wear and tear on the components thanks to continuous lubrication; in time mode, temperature-independent
  • No production interruptions for maintenance and monitoring purposes, this results in a higher availability of the production systems


  • Connection via Bluetooth®: range up to 20 meters
  • Configuration and monitoring with the «simatec world of maintenance» app
  • Pressure booster up to 10 bar, allows line lengths of up to 4m
  • Modular system, suitable for dispenser sizes 60, 125 and 250ml
  • Duration adjustable from 1 to 12 months
  • Suitable for grease (up to NLGI class 2) and oil
  • Gentle on the lubricants, these are fed to the IMPULSE by the simalube lubricator at low pressure
  • Compact size, can be installed in any position

Diverse applications

  • Can be installed outside of high-temperature or hazardous areas with tubes up to 4 metres long
  • The compact format means it can be installed in very small spaces
  • Functions perfectly in all positions, even underwater

simatec app «simatec world of maintenance»

With the «simatec world of maintenance» app, simatec ag has created a platform for easier and more efficient management of lubrication work. The app offers the user the possibility to record lubrication points, to set the necessary parameters for the lubrication and to control or monitor all activities around the lubrication. The simalube IMPULSE connect equipped with Bluetooth® can be configured directly via the app, the current operating status can be viewed from a distance of up to 20m via the app.


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