Apex Industrial Automation is a distributor for Leeson products. LEESON & Grove Gear (sister company) offers over 6,000 AC and DC stock motors, gearmotors, gear reducers and control solutions. All built for industrial use with the features you expect for new installation requirements and convenient replacement. Twenty-three stocking warehouses in the USA.

 Washdown Motors

Whether you need a motor that handles an occasional splash or a solution that can handle continuous washdown 24/7, LEESON® Washguard® industrial-duty motors can take it. Choose a solution that’s USDA approved, FDA approved, BISSC certified, or has an IP69 enclosure protection - to name a few.

 Farm/Agriculture Motors

For more than 40 years, the LEESON® brand has designed, engineered, and built motor solutions to handle the high-starting loads and severe-duty applications of the Farm/Ag industry. Designs include general purpose, crop dryer, auger drives, fan ventilation, grain stirring and more.

 HVAC Motors

Industrial, commercial, and agricultural HVAC fan motors designed for harsh HVAC applications ranging from condenser fans, crop dryer fans, to cooling tower fans.

 General Purpose Motors

Hundreds of industrial designed “off-the-shelf” motor solutions including totally enclosed and drip-proof enclosures, rolled steel and cast iron frames, and single or three phase motors. The LEESON® line of general purpose motors can be used in many applications including compressors, conveyors, pumps, fans plus many others.

 AC/DC Gearmotors

LEESON® right angle and parallel shaft gearmotors are offered in both AC and DC Designs. These industrial strength gearmotors are designed for reliability and long life in the toughest applications.

 Definite Purpose AC Motors

Motors constructed to meet varying application needs ranging from automotive duty, aggregate duty, air compressors, pressure washers, unit handling, to woodworking motors and more.

 DC (Direct Current) Motors

Industrial and commercial design DC Motors for low and high voltage applications typically requiring speed adjustment, constant torque throughout speed range and reversing capabilities. Designs include permanent magnet, explosion proof, IEC and washdown rated motors.

 Pump Motors

Specialized motors for the pumping industry featuring Jet pump, JM & JP pump, carbonator pump, and fire pump motors with variations for washdown applications or explosion proof environments.

 Severe Duty Motors

LEESON® motors designed for harsh environments featuring cast iron frames, totally enclosed enclosures, as well as IEEE-841 designs to withstand the toughest industrial applications found in refineries, mines, foundries, paper and pulp mills, cement plants, and other severe duty applications.

 AC Controls

LEESON® Speedmaster® inverters, or variable frequency drives, are feature rich controls offering great process control and operating efficiencies for your AC Motors. With our broad family of controls, we have the solution for your application needs.

 Explosion Proof Motors

Specialized motors for hazardous environments where fire or explosive agents are present. LEESON® explosion proof motors meet varying electrical codes including UL Division I or Division II.

 Special Voltage Motors

Designed for use where special voltages are required including 575V, 200/400V, or 50Hz commonly found in pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, or other industrial applications.

 Variable Speed Motors

Inverter or vector duty motor designed for use in constant torque speed control applications found on conveyors, material handling, pumps, and fans. Models feature varying speed ranges including 4:1, 10:1, 1000:1, and 2000:1 and offer encoders or encoder provisions.

LEESON Gearmotors

LEESON® Parallel Shaft AC and DC Gearmotors
Parallel shaft gearmotors are available from stock in both AC and DC designs. All parallel shaft gearmotors are designed for reliability and long life. Models ranging from 10 through 1100 inch-pounds are available off-the-shelf from one of our warehouses.
All parallel shaft gearmotors are interchangeable with major brands of gearmotors.
LEESON® right-angle gearmotors are rugged and adaptable to meet the needs of industrial applications.
Leeson DC P300
Designed For Heavy-Duty Service
An industrial strength gearing and motor package, designed for reliability and long-life in the toughest applications.
Dependable - DC SCR motors are rated for continuous duty over a 60:1 speed range at constant torque on unfiltered, DC full-wave SCR input. Single phase AC motors are permanent split capacitor type(P240 and AC right-angle gearmotors) or capacitor start(P1100). Three phase P1100, PE350 and inverter duty gearmotors are available from stock; other three phase gearmotor models are available from production. All motors are continuous duty rated with machined fits and ball bearings for demanding industrial and commercial applications.
Pressure - cast aluminum gearboxes - Machined and integrally fitted to the motor. Precision gearing results in minimum noise, maximum load carrying capability. Parallel shaft models combine strength of bronze worm wheels with steel worm shafts.
Oversized brushes on DC motors - Longer life between maintenance cycles and easily accessible via brush covers on sides of motor.
Hardened Steel Output Shafts - With keyway, or with keyway flat, for installation ease.
Reversible Output Shaft On Right-Angle Gearmotors - Easily field convertible from left-hand standard to right-hand output for mounting flexibility.

Washguard II Motor

The Washguard® II motors are well suited for the demanding environments of food processing areas requiring frequent sanitation using high pressure cleaning with concentrated caustic solutions, areas of high humidity, and in chemical environments. Typical applications include bakeries and food processing facilities, as well as conveying.
Three phase, paint-free stainless, C Face footed and footless, TEFC, AC motors are available for applications in high humidity or washdown environments.
Washguard II
  • Paint-free exterior
  • BISSC certified for baking industry (authorization # 769)
  • Moisture-resistant interior coating inhibits corrosion
  • Meets IP55 enclosure protection
  • Inverter-rated IRIS® insulation system—1HP and higher
  • NEMA Premium—140 Frame and higher

  • Paint-free exterior suited for high pressure cleaning with caustic chemicals.
  • BISSC certified for use in bakeries.
  • Windings are immersed and cured in polyester insulating compound for moisture and corrosion protection.
  • The exclusive IRIS® Inverter-rated insulation system provides extra protection and long life, especially in inverter-driven applications
Associated Models

eco Ag Motor

eco Ag® motors are for use in farm ag equipment when you need more efficiency. With the same high torque performance as standard Ag single phase motors, eco Ag motors offer up to a 22% increase in efficiency over standard ag motors.
eco Ag
eco Ag
  • Up to 22% higher efficiency than standard ag motors
  • Sealed bearings
  • Shaft flinger - output shaft
  • High starting torque
  • Weep holes provide condensation drains
  • Gasketed capacitor housing and conduit boxes
  • Manual overload protected (Single Phase models)
  • Normally closed thermostats (Three phase models)
  • 1.15 Service Factor
  • Premium efficient designs

  • UL  CSA  NEMA Premium
  • Higher efficiency to help lower utility costs
  • Sealed ball bearings to provide extra protection and long life.
  • High starting torque for improved performance.
  • Low temperature manual overload protector protects against extreme overload.
Associated Models
eco Ag® motors were designed for use in farm equipment when you need more efficiency.
Single and three phase, rigid base, TEFC, and rolled steel AC designs are available for applications such as feeder, conveyors, grain elevators, silo unloaders and other demanding farm equipment.

AC MOTORS - 1-Phase


AC MOTORS - 3-Phase