Grove Gear

Apex Industrial Automation is a distributor for Grove Gear products. Grove Gear was founded as a contract gear and machining house in a chicken coop in Union Grove, WI, in 1947. Today, the company operates in a modern 110,000 square foot facility with state-of-the-art equipment and is a division of the Regal Beloit Corporation. Many manufacturing functions performed at Grove Gear, include milling, turning, gear cutting, heat treating, grinding, assembly and warehousing. More Info...


Worm Gear Reducers


Cast Iron (GR Series)

Full-feature worm gear reducers from 1.33" to 10" CD. More »

Aluminum (EL Series)

Clean, paint-free aluminum finish in sizes from 1.33" to 6" CD. More »

Stainless Steel (SS Series)

Maximum service in critically clean environments. More »

Cast Iron – Narrow (NH Series)

Compact housing design to fit in reduced space allocations. More »

Bravo Aluminum

Up to 2/3 smaller and 1/3 lighter than cast iron reducers. More »

Quadro Aluminum Worm Gear Reducers

Aluminum worm gear reducers with unique square design. More »

High Efficiency Gear Reducers

Stainless Steel E Series

Stainless Steel E Series More »

E Series Right Angle

High Efficiency Right Angle Gear Reducer reduces inventory. More »

Helical-Inline Aluminum (P Series)

Design is interchangeable with worldwide brands. More »

Ratio Multipliers



Ideal as a speed increaser or reducer based on application. More »


Dual purpose design offers reduction of inventory. More »

Stainless Steel TX

Stainless Steel housing provides protection in harsh areas. More »