Accurate Bushing Company

Apex Industrial Automation is a proud distributor for Accurate Bushing Company / Smith Bearing, Smith Bearing® is a registered trademark of Accurate Bushing Company. With over 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing precision needle roller bearings, they can handle your requirements for standard aerospace and industrial bearings, as well as custom manufactured special bearings, assemblies, and bushings.

Stud Type Industrial Cam Followers

  • CR SERIES Stud type : Screwdriver
  • CR-B/CR-XB SERIES Stud type: Hex Head
  • CR-C/CR-XC SERIES Stud type: Crowned with Screwdriver Slot
  • CR-BC/CR-XBC SERIES Stud type: Crowned with Hex Head
  • CR-E Series Eccentric Stud Type: Hex Drive
  • CR-SS SERIES : Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant
  • HR Series Heavy Stud Type : Screwdriver Slot
  • HR Series Heavy Stud Type: Hex Head
  • HR-C/HR-XC Series Heavy Stud Type: Crowned with Screwdriver Slot
  • HR-BC/HR-XBC Series Heavy Stud Type: Crowned with Hex Head
  • DCR SERIES : SMITH XTREME™ Double Row Heavy Roller
  • BCR SERIES Stud Type : Screwdriver Slot
  • BCR SERIES Stud Type: Hex Head

Yoke Type Industrial Cam Followers

  • YR-C & YR-XC: Crowned Outer Race
  • YR & YR-X: Non-Sealed/Sealed
  • YR-X-SS: Stainless Steel Sealed
  • DYR & DYR-C SMITH EXTREME™ Double Row Heavy Roller
  • BYR: Yoke Roller with Non-Metallic Bushing

Metric Stud Type Industrial Cam followers

  • MCR/MCR-S Series Caged: Screw-Driver Slot
  • MCR-B/MCR-SB Series Caged: Hex-Drive
  • MCRV/MCRV-S Series Full Complement: Screw-Driver Slot
  • MCRV-B/MCRV-SB Series Full Complement: Hex-Drive
  • NUKR SERIES : Metric Double Row Heavy Roller

Metric Yoke Type Industrial Cam Followers

  • MYR/MYR-S Series : Caged
  • MYRV/MYRV-S Series : Full Complement
  • MUTD: Metric Double Row Heavy Roller


  • PCR: Plain Stud Type
  • FCR: Flanged Stud Type
  • VCR: V-Groove Stud Type
  • PYR: Plain Yoke Type
  • FYR: Flange Yoke Type
  • VYR: V-Groove Yoke Type

SMITH-TRAX Metric Bearings

  • MPCR: Plain Stud Type
  • MFCR: Flanged Stud Type
  • MVCR: V-Groove Stud Type
  • MPYR: Plain Yoke Type
  • MFYR: Flange Yoke Type
  • MVYR: V-Groove Yoke Type
  • MPCR-E: Plain Eccentric Stud Type
  • MFCR-E: Flanged Eccentric Stud Type
  • MVCR-E: V-Groove Eccentric Stud Type


  • Standard Inch Shafts
  • Eccentric Inch Shafts
  • Standard Metric Shaft


  • SRV-SRP-SRHP: Inch Guide Rail
  • MSRV-MSRP: Metric Guide Rails

Ancillary Bearings

  • YR-Chain Rollers: Yoke Type
  • GEZ: Spherical Plain Bearings
  • GE
  • IRR: Inner Ring Races

Drill Jig Bushings

  • P Type: Headless Press-Fit
  • H Type: Head Press-Fit
  • F Type: Fixed Renewable
  • SF Type: Slip-Fixed Renewable
  • L Type: Headless Liner
  • HL Type: Head Liner
  • LS Type: Lock Screws for ANSI Carbide and Extended Renewable Bushings
  • TW Type: Lock Screws for Thin Wall Renewable Bushings

Aerospace Bearings

  • YAF(Smith)
  • YAT(as,ms)
  • YAF(as,ms)
  • YAS(Smith)
  • YAD(Smith)
  • YAS(as,ms)
  • YAD(as,ms)
  • YAS(abma)
  • YAD(abma)
  • YAG(abma)
  • YAG(Smith)
  • YAG(as,ms)
  • HRS(Smith)
  • HRS(as,ms)
  • HRS(nas)
  • CHRS(Smith)