• Part / Catalog # D5020P
  • Manufacturer: Baldor-Reliance
  • UPC: 781568125267
  • Weight: 429 LB
  • Description: 20HP,1750/2300RPM,DC,259AT,DPFG,F1
  • Returnable: Yes

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Application Type : SCR Drive Motor
Amperage Rating : 1.24/35.1 A
Rotation : Reversible
Insulation Class : Class F
Service Factor : 1
Speed : 1750 rpm
Bearing Type : 6209 Ball
Special Features : Continuous Duty Motor, Shunt and Stabilized Shunt Wound Self-Ventilated Motor, Straight Shunt Field Winding
Voltage Rating : 300/500 VDC
Frame : 259
Temperature Rating : 40 deg C
Enclosure Type : DPFG
Mounting Type : F1
Dimensions : 31.34 in L
Shaft Size : 1.624 in
Power Rating : 20 hp


UPC Code: 781568125267
Weight: 429 LB
Length: 35 IN
Width: 20 IN
Height: 52.5 IN
Cubic Inches: 0


Specification Sheet
Warranty Information


Class F insulation system resistant to dirt, carbon, dust and moisture
High dielectric stability
Low moment of inertia armature for fast response
Constant pressure brush springs and longer brushes for reduced maintenance
Includes grease fittings and reliefs for bearing maintenance
Maximum rpm by field weakening
Provisions for tach mounting
May be converted to blower ventilated (DPBV) for extended constant torque speed range
35.1 A armature, 1.24 A field current rating
500 VDC armature, 300 VDC field voltage rating
Without drip cover