• Part / Catalog # BC142
  • Manufacturer: Baldor-Reliance
  • UPC: 781568126714
  • Weight: 2 LB
  • Description: 3HP-230V/ CHASSIS MOUNT/KBMM-225
  • Returnable: Yes

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Horsepower : 3 hp
Amperage Rating : 16 A
Phase : 1
Width : 3-41/64 in
Voltage Rating : 230 VAC/0 to 180 VDC
Height : 4.3 in
Depth : 1-1/4 in
Mounting Type : Chassis


UPC Code: 781568126714
Weight: 2 LB
Length: 0 IN
Width: 0 IN
Height: 0 IN
Cubic Inches: 0


Instruction/Installation Manual


The control, with surface mount construction, offers the user the ultimate in reliability and performance at an affordable price
The controls contain a unique patented super-fast DirectFed™ current limit circuit that protects the SCR power bridge against direct shorts1
The reliability of the control is further enhanced with the use of high-surge, 25 A SCRs, and AC line and armature fusing2,3
The control is designed with exclusive plug-in horsepower Resistor® 3, which eliminates the need for recalibrating IR comp and current limit when the control is used on various horsepower motors
In addition, the rating of the control can be extended to 1.5 hp for controls with 90 VDC output and 3 hp for controls with 180 VDC output, by the use of an auxiliary heat sink 4
Selectable armature or tach feedback and adjustment trimpots for minimum speed, maximum speed, current limit, IR compensation, and linear acceleration and deceleration
The control includes auto-Inhibit®, which eliminates surging during rapid AC line switching
pulse transformer triggering, which provides cogless operation at low speed
Superior noise rejection circuitry, which eliminates false starts and blown SCRs
Enable (normally closed) and Inhibit (normally open) functions provide electronic switching of control output
The output voltage of the control is a linear function of the main speed potentiometer setting
In addition, the control can be used in a voltage following mode by supplying an isolated analog input signal to terminals P2 (+) and P1 (-)
The control is supplied with a factory installed 25 A at AC line fuse, a 5 kOhm main speed potentiometer and QD terminals
12 A (AC), 8 A (DC) maximum line current rating without auxiliary heat sink
3 hp and 1-1/2 hp power rating without auxiliary heat sink