• Part / Catalog # 10/3VP1180
  • Manufacturer: TB Woods
  • UPC: 698672188456
  • Weight: 6.7 LB
  • Description: 10/3VP1180 BAND V-BELT
  • Returnable: Yes

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10/3VP1180 BAND V-BELT



Type : Non-Cogged
Reinforced Material : Aramid
Section Size : 3V
Top Width : 3/8 in
Outside Length : 118 in
Thickness : 5/16 in
Color : Brown
Number of Ribs : 10
Minimum Pulley Diameter : 2.65 in
Temperature Range : -30 to 180 deg F
Material : Neoprene


UPC Code: 698672188456
Weight: 6.7 LB
Length: 0 IN
Width: 0 IN
Height: 0 IN


Instruction/Installation Manual


Clutching non-rubber surface cover allows momentary slippage due to excessive overloads without burning belts up
Aramid tensile cords provide extraordinary strength and durability
Virtually zero stretch eliminates the need for constant belt re-tensioning
Chloroprene rubber compounds provide superb oil and heat resistance
Specially-treated extra tough cover withstands slip and shear forces at peak loads without generating excessive heat
Fewer belts needed resulting in less overhung load on bearings
Reduced downtime and increased efficiency