• Part / Catalog # 99212
  • Manufacturer: Timken
  • UPC: 053893523842
  • Weight: 0.171 LB
  • Description: Bearing Equipment or Accessory
  • Returnable: Yes

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Bearing Equipment or Accessory

Sleeves, Redi-Seal


Series : 99000
Outside Diameter : 2.422 in
Width : 0.938 in
Shaft Diameter Range : 2.124 to 2.13 in
Material : Stainless Steel


UPC Code: 053893523842
Weight: 0.171 LB
Length: 0 IN
Width: 0 IN
Height: 0 IN
Cubic Inches: 0


Timken® line of Redi-Sleeves® are easy to install and feature a removable flange and an installation tool
Strong, durable stainless steel construction that provides a corrosion-free sealing surface
Ultra-thin construction that allows original seal size to be used with minimal additional lip loading
Redi-Sleeve® sealing surfaces that are ground to a 10 to 20 microinch Ra(0.25 to 0.50 Micrometer Ra) finish without lead