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Apex Industrial Automation is an authorized distributor for Toshiba. The TIC Motors & Drives division, which offers a full range of low and medium voltage motors, adjustable speed drives, motor controls, and power apparatus & components, is anchored by a totally integrated manufacturing process; research and development, design, engineering, production and manufacturing, and aftermarket service and support are all commandeered under one single roof. With the capability to test products together as a system before sending out into the field, TIC ensures the highest level of quality, performance, and reliability.

Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) is a Toshiba America Inc. (TAI) Group Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, and comprised of five divisions - Motors & Drives, Automotive, Power Electronics, Photovoltaics, and Transmission & Distribution. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, TIC provides application solutions to a wide range of industries including general industrial, oil and gas, utilities, datacenters, renewables, HVAC, water/wastewater, and mining.


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Low Voltage Motors
Medium Voltage Motors

Oil Pump Motors

Toshiba’s Oil Well Pump motor series is designed to handle harsh environments including installations in remote locations. Motors are engineered for oil industry use and offer a high-slip, high-torque design with protective screens to safeguard against outdoor elements. This component is corrosion resistant and highly structural, it is reliable and durable.


 Vector Ready Motors

Toshiba’s Vector motor series is engineered for more extreme operational requirements for today’s variable speed applications. The EQPIII is built as a base for this motor product and designed to withstand aggressive environment that requires tight vector control such as, material handling, conveyor and machine tooling and several other process-oriented applications. This component is built for indoor and outdoor inverter operation and is not intended for conventional process.

 Quarry Duty Motors

Toshiba's Quarry Duty motor series can exceed extreme demands of the cement and aggregate industries. Quarry duty motors utilize enclosed fan cooling designs and provide Design C torque, oversized superior-grade roller bearings, and shafts built with high strength 4142 steel. The roller bearings on the motor’s drive-end allows heavy radial loads with belt-driven applications. This motor series exceeds NEMA MG1 Part 31 requirements and is designed for horizontal, vertical, indoor or outdoor applications.

 XT Explosion Proof Motors

The Explosion Proof motor series is designed to meet UL and CSA Listed Hazardous Locations requirements. This component is built for indoor and outdoor use and is designed to withstand harsh environments and applications.

 Vertical P-Base Motors

Toshiba's Vertical P-Base motor series is designed to for petrochemical and material processing industries. This product line is built to withstand the harshest conditions and offers some of the highest efficiency and torque ratings, which allows components to have a longer life and greater liability. This design meets API 610 specifications for chemical processing applications and all motors include patent-pending lubrication improved flow and circulation of grease and oil for a longer more bearing life. This series is engineered to allow for indoor and outdoor applications exceeding NEMA MG1 Part 31 requirement, and is offered in standard and premium efficiencies.

Toshwash SS Motors

The Toshwash SS motor series is designed for food and pharmaceutical industries. This series can endure daily hot cleaning solutions and pressure washing and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The Toshwash SS is a tough washdown duty motor that approaches five times the normal life cycle of other applications requiring frequent washdowns. This motor series exceeds NEMA MG1 Part 31 requirements.




Toshiba offers a wide range of drives for any application needed. Drives are easy to service and operate, also drives are able to withstand harsh environments. These drives are cost-efficient and designed for high-performance operation. Toshiba drives are reliable, heavy duty user-friendly and eco-friendly components, for your project requirement.

Toshiba Low Voltage Drives

AS1 Drives 

The Toshiba AS1 is designed to for almost any applications and offers a reliable and easy service use. The AS1 variable frequency drive can operate and withstand extreme environments, because the component offers a sealed cabinet design. The AS1 provides a heavy-duty performance which provides 30 % of its rated power for use in stopping a high or heavy inertia load, without the use of a dynamic brake resistor.

FS1 Series 

The FS1 is an adjustable speed drive for the HVAC market and is specifically complete all applications. The FS1 Series is easy to operate, eco-friendly, low maintenance and cost efficient.

G3 Plus Pack

The Toshiba G3 Plus Pack is a adjustable frequency drive that is designed to withstand extreme harsh weather conditions. The G3 is a solid-state AC drive that ranges from 66-1500 KVA and features true torque control, that enables motors to develop high-starting torque and compensates for motor slip. The G3 Plus Pack is suitable for a variety of applications that require unparalleled motor control and rugged reliability.

G7 Series

The G7 Series is an adjustable frequency drive that provides flux vector technology with or without using encoder feedback. Toshiba adjustable speed drive component is designed to tight control and torque and speed while maintain a high-performance platform.

GX7 Series

The Toshiba GX7 Series PWM is an adjustable speed drive that is a severe duty drive that is engineered to withstand any conventional application in the industry. This component offers flux-vector technology with or without encoder feedback. The Toshiba GX7 drive is user friendly and designed to handle harsh conditions and following through with a high-performance platform.

H7 Series

The Toshiba H7 Series drive is designed for industrial communication in the most demanding manufacturing environments.

H9 Series

The H9 adjustable speed drive is a high-performance power platform. It offers a dual 32-bit processor control and operates the toughest of applications while still maintaining a high level of control. The Toshiba H9 Series provides a flexible and reliable interface in the industry.

HX7 Plus Pack

The HX7 Plus Pack is an adjustable speed drive designed to withstand harsh conditions. This state-of-the art component is PWM adjustable speed drive that is engineered to provide tight speed control, while offering the industry’s most user-friendly operator interface. This drive is available in NEMA 1 and NEMA 3 packages and the drive’s enclosures offer 12-gauge steel construction with a durable powder-coated finish.

HX7 Series

The HX7 Electronic Operator Interface features menu-driven programming and direct access to all of motor control parameters. This component contains a built-in rotary encoder that makes programming quick and easy.

P9 Series

The P9 Series is an adjustable speed drive used for pump control that incorporates the Virtual Linear Pump (VLP) Technology. This component controls pressure, temperature and flow. The P9 eliminates obstacles that might interfere with integral part of pump control and sets a new standard in ingenuity, performance, and ease-of-use for the pump industry.

Q9 Series

The Q9 Series is an adjustable speed drive that offers flexibility in controlling and monitoring, durability and dependability. This electronic operator interface features an LCD display and a simple keypad layout for quick and easy parameter navigation. This component offers eight digital inputs, three digital outputs, three analog inputs, two analog outputs, EOI, and several other communication protocol options.


The S11 is a micro inverter that provides maximum torque with precise speed control. This component features easy operation and a compact design, with advanced technology that allows versatile communications.

W7 Series

The W7 Series is an advanced Electronic Operator Interface that features menu driven programming as well as direct access to all parameters. This component is designed for Water and wastewater applications within the industrial industry.

  Toshiba Medium Voltage Drives

 MTX NEMA 3R Medium Voltage Drive 

 The MTX NEMA 3R Medium Voltage is an Outdoor Medium Voltage ASD. The MTX is the world’s first ASD designed for outdoor mounting in remote applications where buildings do not exist. This component offers a innovative enclosure design and power section topology that is in the medium voltage ASD arena. The MTX features two enclosures combined with the transformer section offering convection-cooling. Heat is eliminated through passive vents at the top of the drive and the inverter section is cooled. Power modules are designed with heat sinks on the back to send waste heat into the atmosphere. The interior section of component is cooled using plate-type heat exchangers, so it remains cool and clean without introducing outside air.

  T300 Medium Voltage Drive 

The T300 Medium Voltage Drive is a designed transformer and rectifier schemes that provide phase-shift cancellation capabilities, eliminating issues concerning harmonic injections into bus-fed equipment. This component exceeds IEEE-519 requirements without additional harmonic filters.


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