Powersports Ultimax Belt




Ultimax Belts: leading the market in Snowmobile, ATV, and UTV belt technology 

Carlisle experience in powersports belts with a comprehensive range of premium quality snowmobile belts, ATV belts, and UTV belts. Ultimax Belts are the belt of choice for powersports vehicle manufacturers and celebrated racers across the world with years of testing and improvement to deliver unparalleled performance and the best fit possible for powersports applications.

Powering the Market as Leaders in Powersports Belts

More powerful and larger side-by-side powersports vehicles put greater demand on drive belts. CVT belts are designed to deliver maximum performance and durability with specifically formulated rubber compounds, extra-strong aramid and carbon cord to cope with higher power capacities proving true leadership in CVT belt technology.

Biggest and Best Selection of Powersports Belts in the World

Carlisle has a larger supply of CVT belts than any other supplier with years of optimization delivering unrivalled performance on any powersports application. With over 8,500 replacement belt references for snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, and side-by-sides; we will have your belts from factory to door quicker and more efficiently than anyone else.

·         Over a million miles of in-field testing proves durability and optimum performance.

·         Highest-quality materials including new and innovative EPDM rubber and carbon cord construction.

·         Engineered and manufactured in ISO 9001 facilities.


Ultimax ATV

Ultimax ATV belts are specifically designed to drive optimum performance on specific powersports applications. A wide range of belts for all major brands and unique constructions for a no “one size fits all” approach.

·         Built to outperform original equipment belts on durability and performance

·         Strong aramid cord for zero stretch and maximum tensile strength

·         This is our best-selling line of ATV belts that excel on high horsepower vehicles.


Ultimax ATV HQ

Ultimax ATV HQ belts are high-quality replacement belts delivering ultimate performance for most popular ATVs, UTVs and Side-by-Sides with proper fit, reliability and durability.

• Specifically formulated rubber compounds for maximum grip on the clutches.
• Each belt is uniquely designed to fit a specific application for extreme performance.
• Built to exceed the quality of original equipment belt across a range of vehicles.

Ultimax MAX

Ultimax MAX features improved cog design and added strength for maximum performance, flexibility and durability across powersports vehicles under 500cc.

• Larger bottom cog design handles the significant demands of deep snow, towing, and shock loads
• Decades of refinement deliver leading flexibility, dimensional stability and cord-retention
• Strong and stable aramid cord for zero stretch and maximum tensile strength

Ultimax PRO

Ultimax PRO is built for maximum clutch contact, less slippage over broader speeds and improved heat dissipation to deliver quicker vehicle acceleration and ultimate performance for mid-power snowmobiles.

• Strong and stable aramid cords for zero stretch and maximum tensile strength
• Double-cog design provides greater cord support with high power capacities and flexibility
• High-strength material for various riding styles including ditch-banging, deep powder, and trail riding

Ultimax XS

Ultimax XS belts are designed with specifically formulated rubber compounds and strong aramid cord for superior performance and longer belt life on high horsepower sledges.


• Designed for modern high-power snowmobiles and top racing sledges for maximum CVT performance
• Built with modern methods to reduce variability and eliminate classic failure modes
• Over a million miles a year of documented field testing for peak value and performance

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