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Since entering the power transmission marketplace in the 1920s, Lovejoy has emerged as an international market leader. Today, the Lovejoy brand is recognized around the world as the premier supplier of flexible shaft couplings and other power transmission components.

The key to Lovejoy's continued growth and success lies in the dedication to our customers. Lovejoy became a global company by creating value for our customers through innovative, cost-effective products and services. We consistently produce value-added, custom-engineered solutions that help customers gain the competitive edge they need to be successful in today's rapidly changing marketplace. Lovejoy’s dedication to quality products and service is the reason our customers are some of the most loyal you'll find anywhere.

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LOVEJOY Products

Jaw Type Couplings   Grid Couplings
Curved Jaw Couplings   Disc Couplings
Jaw In Shear Couplings   Universal Joints
S-Flex Couplings   Variable Speed Drives
Motion Control Couplings   ROSTA Tensioner
Gear Couplings