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Featured Product - Tigear-2 Ultra Kleen Stainless Steel Reducers - 2/9/2017

The best choice...for a stainless steel reducer with ultimate washdown protection or where "paint free" specification is required.

It takes a rugged, well built reducer to survive the harsh conditions in Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical applications. The Tigear-2 Reducer will meet and exceed your expectations. Dodge's unique design is built to support your efforts to conform to today's critical food safety and sanitation requirements.

  • Tigear-2 Harsh Duty Output Seal - Protects against high pressure sprays and sanitizing solutions
  • Stainless Steel Housings
  • Ventless Design
  • Maintenance Free
  • Factory filled H1 Food Grade Synthetic Lubrication
  • IP69K Rated
  • Easy to Order & Readily Available

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