Lawn and Garden Belts




ARAMAX Belts: Drive Belt of Choice for Lawn and Garden OEMs

Carlisle by TIMKEN make replacement belts for all your lawn mowers, tractors and outdoor equipment.

ARAMAX Belts Lead the Market on Performance and Innovation

Carlisle range of lawn and garden belts feature improved rubber compounds, aramid (Kevlar) tensile cords and high-performance clutching fabric for unrivalled power transmission performance. Raw-Edge and Band-Aid belt technology significantly improve power output and reduce belt turnover on lawn and garden applications.

Higher Quality Drive Belts

Carlisle by Timken has developed significantly improved replacement lawnmower belts and belts for outdoor equipment. As OEM drives move away from 4/8 and 5/8 sections to full A/B sections; Carlisle delivers higher quality, better performance and significantly quicker lead times than any other supplier.

·         Increased strength and durability with high-temperature resistance.

·         Extensive lab and field testing with leading R&D ensure durability and performance.

·         Lawnmower Belts engineered and manufactured in ISO 9001 facilities.



·         Consumer Mowers

·         Lawn and Garden Tractors

·         Ride on Mowers

·         Tiller

·         Chippers

·         Mulchers

·         Lawnmower Belts



·         Transmission Belt Drives

·         PTO Belt Drives

·         Deck Belt Drives

·         Clutching Belt Drives

·         Backside Idler Drives

·         Chipper Belts Drives

·         Mulcher Belt Drives

·         Idler Pulleys



The Aramax Xtra Duty V-Belt is specifically designed for aggressive applications and outdoor power equipment with heavy shock loads and backside-idlers.

• Superior clutching fabric with increased thread count for resistance to rollover, smoother clutching, and improved belt performance.
• Extra-strong aramid tensile cords with heat and oil resistance for increased strength and durability and reduced stretch.
• Perfect for outdoor power equipment, lawnmowers, edger’s, snow blowers and more.

Raw-Edge Band-Aid Belt

The Carlisle Raw-Edge Band-Aid belt is a unique laminated construction V-belt. It couples the direct friction advantages of a raw-edge belt with the slip characteristics of a wrapped belt specifically for lawn and garden clutching drives.

• Special Chemically treated polyester cord that enhances belt stability.
• Multiple plies of fabric built into the belt for enhanced durability.
• Ideal for Lawn and garden clutching drives

Durapower II Raw-Edge FHP V-Belt

The Durapower II Raw-Edge FHP V-Belt combines the advantages of Raw Edge technology with centralised belt cords for greater flexibility and stability in high shock load applications.

• Fiber-loaded stiff-flex premium quality rubber for better and stronger v-belt performance at low cost.
• Raw-edge sidewalls and compressed rubber sections for further drive system efficiency and resistance to oil, grease, dirt and ozone.
• Perfect for HVAC, fans and more.

Power-Wedge Cog-Belt

The Power-Wedge Cog-Belt features a narrow belt wedge design and raw edge performance for more grip and less slip.

• EPDM rubber construction delivers superior flexibility and load carrying capacity at high and low temperatures without cracking or stretching.
• High-modulus cords and precision moulded cogs for improved stability, heat dissipation and power efficiency at high horsepower.
• Perfect for fans, pumps, HVAC, compressors and more.

Double-Angle V-Belt

The Double Angle V-Belt is ideally suited for serpentine drives with significant reductions in noise from both sides of the belt.

• Double wrapped heavy-duty fabric provides excellent resistance to abrasive wear, heat, ozone, grease, oil, and dirt for longer belt life and improved performance.
• Special synthetic rubber compounds at the core of the belt provide longer v-belt life and superior horsepower capacity.
• Perfect for conveyors, mills, cooling or heating drums, and more.

Synchro-Cog HT Belt

The Synchro-Cog HT Belt is an economical synchronous drive belt built for trouble-free power transmission.

• Treated fibreglass cord for superior length stability, flexibility, and high tensile strength across heavy shock loads.
• Specifically formulated rubber backing, and nylon fabric teeth covering for more efficient and stronger belt performance.
• Perfect for use in blowers, mixers, machine tools, sewing machines, food processing, paper processing and more.

Panther XT

The Panther XT is a high-torque synchronous drive belt and a powerful alternative to chain or polyurethane belts.

• Low friction tooth fabric for significant noise reduction and more efficient operational efficiency.
• Extra-strong carbon cord construction for reduced downtime and higher drive belt durability
Perfect for use in printing machinery, textile equipment, packaging machinery, compressors, roller chain drives, and more.

Dual Synchronous Belt

The Dual Synchronous Belt is designed to offer proven performance and synchronisation from both sides of the belt.

• Moulded teeth construction delivers greater shear resistance and load capacity with maximum resistance to tooth jump
• Equal load capacity on either side of the belt for greater flexibility and unique belt performance.
• Perfect for use in printing presses, mixers, agitators, machine tools, robotics, sewing machines, vending machines and more.

Carlisle Wedge Band

The Carlisle Wedge-Band Banded Belt delivers a significant reduction in belt whip and turnover and is an excellent choice for increased horsepower capacity and output and where space and weight are limitations.


• Oversized polyester cord and chemical treatment provide added belt strength and stability during peak shock loads and maximum resistance to belt stretch.
• Patented banding process assures smoother, quieter operation with oil and heat resistance, static dissipation and drive system stability.
• Perfect for mud pumps, rock crushers, stump grinders and more.

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