Apex Industrial Automation is a distributor for Habasit products. Habasit is the worldwide number one in the belting industry. During decades of market leadership we have developed a broad range of superior products and services, and a profound knowledge base and experience. Building on these strengths, we are combining our dynamic growth with a continuous extension of our offering. Our totally customer-driven approach makes Habasit the best provider of high-quality power transmission and conveying solutions for every application.


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Habasit Saniclip - Cleaning Made Easy

M2500 Series Habasit Saniclip


Prodcucts Groups

Fabric-based Conveyor Belts

Conveyor and Processing Belts

Reinforced Monolithic Conveyor Belts Habasit Cleandrive

Habasit Cleandrive Aramid Reinforced Monolithic TPU Conveyor Belts

Modular Belts

HabasitLINK Modular Belts

Slat and Conveyor Chains

HabaCHAIN Slat and Conveyor Chains

Timing Belts

HabaSYNC Timing Belts

 Power Transmission Belts

Power Transmission Belts

 Machine Tapes

Machine Tapes

 Spindle Tapes

Spindle Tapes

 Folder-Gluer Belts

Folder-Gluer Belts

 Seamless Belts

Seamless Belts


 Extruded Round and Trapezoidal Belts

Extruded Belts


 Wear Strips and Guides

Wear Strips and Guides HabiPLAST

 Thermoplastic Profiles and Cleats

Profiles and Cleats

 Fabrication & Joining Tools

Fabrication Tools

 Habasit Group - Rossi Gears & Motors

Gears and Motors with Rossi




The Main Industries We Serve